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  • [es-pree de less-ka/-iay] (idiom) A witty remark that occurs to you too late, literally on the way down the stairs. The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations defines esprit de l'escalier as, "An untranslatable phrase, the meaning of which is that one only thinks on one's way downstairs of the smart retort one might have made in the drawing room."


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January 17, 2007


I remember watching the "Anne of Green Gables" miniseries and just loving the scene where Anne out-recites the professional poetry reciter. Anne recites a different poem in the book, but I always remember it as Megan Follows reciting "The Highwayman."

Dan, I don't remember that at all (and I re-read those books and watched those movies tons of times), but I realize now that's why I must have loved that poem! Thanks for jogging an old memory!

I think that my mother's love of old rhyming poetry must have sparked my love of singer-songwriters. I love the cadence and the narrative.

Another lovely post, Claire.

I've always wondered why I never read more poetry. I shall plan to make that change.

How cool to be part of a group blog! I'll have to check it out. And the answer to your "how many times" is clearly THREE times.

Well, good poetry deserves to be read, aloud or to oneself, over and over, so why not?

I need to do something for Burns Night this year --

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